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About Us & What We Do

Continental Insurance Agencies is a Minority, Women-Owned business serving customers throughout Texas. We specialize in finding insurance solutions that meet our customers’ needs and budget through personalized, knowledgeable and friendly service.

Types of Insurance Coverage Offered

Auto Insurance

While we compare rates from different insurance companies and obtain multiple quotes to cover your vehicle, our goals are to save you money and make sure your needs are met.

As we learn more about your preferences and other circumstances, we will also make an effort to keep you informed regarding additional coverage and/or benefits.

Homeowners Insurance

Congratulations on your home ownership!

Whether you have recently moved into your new home or you have been enjoying it for many years, it is very important for your home to be appropriately covered.

Do you know what type of coverage you have for your home? Have you updated your coverage limits recently?

We will help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision.

Business General Liability

When we are in business, we concentrate on growing our clientele and our profits. However, our interests and assets also need to be protected.

Let us help you cover your business through a policy for general liability, errors and omissions and/or bonds coverage.

Competitive commercial vehicle coverage is also available for your business entity or as an independent contractor.


One of the least-known areas of insurance is probably life insurance and all its possible range of applications. Today, there are multiple ways to protect not only ourselves, our family, our way of life and even our business key managers!

Depending on certain health and age requirements, some life insurance products can also help us protect our well-being now in case of emergencies or long-term care need after an accident and/or major illness.

We can help you review different types of life insurance products to protect you today and tomorrow.